Cnc Turnery

    The high rigidity cnc tool mechanism of the CNC turnery ensures that heavy parts are milled and drilled. The machining and contouring of multiple surfaces makes machining of machining automotive parts easier. Electrical and electronic parts and small parts CNC vertical machining center machining machines increase cnc machining efficiency with high speed spindle operation and acceleration-deceleration control in cnc machine axes, and shorten cnc machining time. In addition, the CNC vertical machining center can provide high speed cutting of light metals such as aluminum and materials such as stainless steel.
    Three-dimensional machining
    CNC milling machines; It makes high speed and high precision cnc machining for plastic models, electrodes and precision parts. The milling machine provides a smooth surface in a short time with the program consisting of NURBS interpolation and very short correct particles. Small and deep hole drilling With the CNC vertical machining center, 30 times deeper hole than the hole diameter and small hole with a diameter of 0.1 mm can be drilled. Deburring and chamfering Thanks to the impeccable milling cutter, high speed contouring, deburring and chamfering can be performed for special parts such as magnesium molds, cast molds, forging and castings.
    4 axis and 5 axis applications
    With the CNC machining center, 4-axis or 5-axis applications can be made to process the parts in complex structures in one context.